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  • Bear Rescue - Dilijan 2019 with LOGO.mp4_snapshot_00.56_[2019.08.12_18.27.46]

    The rescue of Dilijan National Park bear cub

    “Im Rouben Khachatryan – founder of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets. We are working on Great bear rescue in Armenia. We rescued so far 30 bears with the support of International Animal Rescue, Brigitte Bardot foundation, Bears in mind․ We are going to rescue a

  • Visit Vayots Dzor 1080p.mp4_snapshot_01.44_[2019.08.02_20.15.32]

    Miracles of Vayots Dzor: Visit Vayots Dzor

    Only community-based, healthy and environment-friendly sound development can contribute to the sustainable development of the state. Vayots Dzor is full of big and small wonders that complement each other, making the region attractive not only to locals but also to foreign guests. The visit to the region promises to be

  • Summer Camp 2019.mp4_snapshot_01.11_[2019.08.01_17.13.30]

    “Love and care for nature”. our SunChildren summer adventures

    The love and care for nature begins since childhood and it’s being developed during adolescence. Guided by this idea, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), together with its partner organizations, pays particular attention to the sustainable development of the SunChild Eco-clubs. As in every year,

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    ICCA Consortium Regional Conference Summary / “The Nature Should Be Safeguarded For Future Generations”

    “The Most Important Thing is That The Community Itself Understands The Values Surrounding It.”   “Armenia has a beautiful nature, a fantastic landscape, a deep culture, and it’s natural that you have “Territories Of Life” here,” ICCA Consortium Global Coordinator Grazia Borrini said, during the regional conference of ICCA Consortium

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    The consistent of new generation as a community development guarantee

    The questions arisen by Sunchildren are solved  A few days ago, on 8th of July, our eco-club Sunchildren of Zaritap amalgamated community in Khndzorut village to understand in which situation the garden which was planted by them is.  And they noticed that the part of the garden needs to be

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