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    The consistent of new generation as a community development guarantee

    The questions arisen by Sunchildren are solved  A few days ago, on 8th of July, our eco-club Sunchildren of Zaritap amalgamated community in Khndzorut village to understand in which situation the garden which was planted by them is.  And they noticed that the part of the garden needs to be

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    Trees planted by us for our future. Sunchildren of Khndzorut eco-club continue to be consistent

    Sunchildren of Khndzorut in Zaritap amalgamated community were in village municipality to find out in which situation is the garden which was planted by them. Continuing to be consistent and responsive to their community, our Sunchildren first came to see the garden, the stinginess, and care of the trees and

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    About the human – nature connection. Sunchild Eco – Clubs of Armenia

    The schoolchildren of Sunchild Eco clubs from Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik regions met each other again in the eco-center of CWR. Classes on Armenia’s natural heritage, flora & fauna, film production, community development, active citizenship and personal growth, active discussions and practical work helped the children re-value their connection with

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    Bear rescue in Ararat region

    The Bear, listed on the RA Animal’s Red Register, which was being kept in Artashat city, Ararat Province, is moved to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) in Urtsadzor with the support of the International Animal Rescue (IAR) The bear was kept in awful conditions for five years in the same

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    We are preparing for the Sunchild summer school 2019

    Like every year, members of our eco-clubs in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik marzes will join their summer camp friends to have effective and knowledge full days. For this time our summer school participants come from Chambarak and Dprabak (Gegharqunik marz) and Khndzorut and Nor Aznaberd (Vayots Dzor marz) eco-clubs. The

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