“Bed & Bread” Rural Tourism Festival

FB event poster-22Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and Fund for Organic Farming are pleased to invite you to the “Bed & Bread” Rural Tourism Festival.

The aim of our Festival is the development of rural tourism and economic development of community and to create additional sources of income for rural population.

The Festival will take place at Urtsadzor community, Ararat region. The entrance is free. Yerevan – Urtsadzor – Yerevan free buses will operate in Festival days. You can also join to overnight stay in tents in the mountains.

If you are interested, please, follow the link to register:  https://goo.gl/forms/h44n0YJ8I2K2Zchk2 


July 14

14:00 – Departure form Yerevan
15։30 – Arrival to Urtsazor
15։50 – Opening Ceremony
16։00 – 20։00 – Rural food fair
16։30 – 20։30 – Visiting the villagers’ houses, harvest, baking lavash in tonir, vodka distillation, horse riding, picnic, slack-line, playing with village children, clay art etc.
18։00 – 20։00 – Open air broadcasting of the 2018 FIFA World Cup 3rd place play-off
20։00 – Open-air concert: Adana Project
21։30 – To the camping area
22։00 – To Yerevan (for those who do not plan the overnight stay)
22։30 – Arrival in the camping area
23։00 – 24:00 – Music by Kook

July 15
08։00 – 10:00 Morning yoga, Hiking, Slack-line
10:00 – 11։00 – Breakfast time
11:00 – To Urtsadzor
12։00 – To Yerevan

Free buses from Yerevan to Urtsadzor will depart from Republic square at 14:00 and return at 22:00. Yerevan-Urtsadzor-Yerevan transport is free. To reduce our carbon footprint, we suggest carpooling. If you plan to come by your own car and in case there are vacant places left, please join us at Republic square at 14:00 to take several persons with you.

Bicycle renting will be available in Urtsadzor.

To join the overnight stay, you can rent a tent and a sleeping bag:
Tent for 2 persons – 3000 AMD
Tent for 3 persons – 4000 AMD
Tent for 4 persons – 5000 AMD
Sleeping bag – 1000 AMD
In the presence of your own tent – 1000 AMD

On July 14 some houses in Urtsadzor will turn into small and hospitable dining corners and cafes. All the participants can walk around the village and find the homes to dine or to have some drink with the help of maps.

Rural lunch – 2500 – 3500 AMD

Coffee/tea/juice + dessert – 1500 AMD

Besides, there will be sale of various agricultural products and rural dishes.

Utrsadzor is located in Ararat region. It is famous for its biodiversity. 7 km form Urtsadzor is “Khosrov Forest” State reserve and Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR), which is the only privately managed environmental zone in the South Caucasus. The camping will be on CWR’s second Ranger campus area, on the bank of the river, where people of Urtsadzor used to celebrate the Tsakhkazard (Palm Sunday).

The tent camp will be on the bank of the river CWR, where the residents of Urtsadzor previously celebrated Palm Sunday.

The Festival is organized with the support of the European Union in the frameworks of “Reduction of poverty in Urtsadzor community cluster by developing (self) employment opportunities” project.

If you have event-specific questions, please contact us by the following numbers: +37477) 38 20 88, +37477) 00 94 60

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