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The “Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets” (FPWC) was established in 2002 with the primary aim to raise local and international awareness for the preservation of Armenia’s unique natural heritage. FPWC implements environmental projects with the help of professionals in the fields of ecology, environmental law, film making as well tourism and regional development.  

The small landlocked Armenia is part of the “Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot” one of 34 regions worldwide defined by Conservation International as outstandingly important for the protection of the globe’s biodiversity. Each of the 34 hotspots has lost at least 70% of its original natural vegetation and is under a threat to lose the rest.  Over 50 percent of the world’s plant species and 42 percent of all terrestrial vertebrate species are endemic to the 34 biodiversity hotspots. Thus, the protection of Armenia’s nature is of vital importance

To overcome the challenge of protecting the remaining precious flora and fauna of Armenia, FPWC relies on media, film making and environmental education for young Armenians.  Specifically, FPWC provides environmental education to children and youth, organizes environmental festivals and campaigns as well as other projects such as the production of documentaries on nature.  

Furthermore, FPWC believes that films pave the way to public awareness and communication infrastructure. Not only does the local community benefit with a greater understanding of what is happening within their own country, but films are also an excellent tool to raise the international awareness for Armenia’s treasures of nature and their endangerment.

In all our projects we emphasize mutual respect between human beings, the natural environment, and cultural heritage as we are deeply convinced that these are indispensable conditions for the positive development of Armenia and the whole South Caucasus region.

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