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Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC)

FPWC was founded in 2002 by the wildlife filmmaker Ruben Khachatryan who since 2011 also holds the post of Yerevan Zoo Director. FPWC’s mission is to raise awareness for nature conservation and environmental issues. Pursuing this objective, FPWC implements its own environmental education, community outreach, and nature conservation projects. One main feature of all FPWC projects is their sustainable approach. FPWC develops projects with unlimited time frames and once successfully implemented, they are maintained and monitored continuously by the organization’s staff.

FPWC also organizes every second year SunChild International Environmental Festival. The funds for FPWC’s activities are largely from the private sector as several local companies are supporting the organization in the frame of their Corporate Responsibility strategies. Since 2006 the telecommunication company VivaCell-MTS is the general partner of FPWC in all projects.

FPWC cooperates with local community stakeholders, as well as with the private sector, international organizations and Armenian governmental institutions.

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