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What we believe:

The “Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets” (FPWC) was founded in 2002. In the very beginning of the new 21st century the founding members of FPWC deeply felt that it needs a serious and strong attempt to save Armenia’s unique nature and protect the last cultural assets which testify their nation’s former historical importance. A small but determined group of friends established FPWC and took up the challenge to join their efforts and to commit themselves fully to the task to raise the public attention for environmental issues, for nature protection and the cultural heritage of Armenia.

Since its beginnings FPWC’s main mission is to fight against the ongoing destruction of our basis of life which is nature with all its wonders. Not only in Armenia but on a global scale mankind in the last centuries headed for a dangerous course. Mere greed has caused damages to the ecosystem of our globe which have nearly reached a point of no return.

Where we come from:

Armenia is a very small country in a region characterized by political unrest and uncertainty. But this tiny country is also the home of a unique biodiversity whose richness can scarcely be found in any other region of the world. Due to this fact major environmental organizations classify the South Caucasus region – including Armenia – as one of the 34 global biodiversity hotspots.

But Armenia is not only gifted with an outstanding natural heritage – the country also harbors some of the greatest treasures of human culture. Prehistoric petroglyphs, marvelous antique scriptures and some of the world’s oldest monuments of Christianity can be found in Armenia.

Traditional Armenian culture from ancient pre Christian times onwards emphasized the deep spiritual relation between men and nature, between landscape and cult site. Armenian traditional literature, architecture, as well as the dances and the language are reflecting this context.

Unfortunately this once deep and strong link between men and nature has become brittle in the consciousness of our nation. Partly of course as a result of global developments like industrialization, consumerism and the adoption of a pure materialistic approach to life.

But on a deeper level of our nation’s mentality we also find other reasons for Armenia’s alienation of her cultural and natural roots. The traumatic experience of genocide and expulsion during the First World War, the loss of 2/3 of our home country and more than 70 years of forced soviet rule created a mentality among Armenian society characterized by a combination from resignation, egocentrism and ignorance.

FPWC’s mission is to break this fatal cycle and to initiate a reorientation of Armenia’s young generation towards a dignified identity. An identity focused not only on personal wellbeing and wealth but characterized by respect and a caring attention for their home country’s cultural and natural heritage as well as for those of all other nations.

our projects: