SOS Culture

SOS Culture: Revival of Forgotten Cultural Assets in the Armenian and Georgian Border Regions

Two-year Performance Summary

The twenty-four month project of SOS Culture came to an end on October 2013,18.The project was financed by the European Union, and was implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), in partnership with dvv international regional office in Tbilisi and Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation (RAA).The EU's contribution to the project amounts to 492.754 euros.Pursuing the motto "Crossing borders to save, preserve and care”, the project aimed to support local communities in the remote Armenian-Georgian border regions in the protection of their local cultural assets. Most of these monuments were suffering from neglect though well conserved cultural assets can contribute significantly to the economic and social development even of remote municipalities. To address this problem eight SOS Culture Youth Clubs were established in Alavardi, Akhtala, Varagavan and Berdavan (Armenia) and in Bolnisi, Koda, Shahoumian and Dmanisi (Georgia).

Samvel Karapetyan, who heads the Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation, has been actively involved in the project’s two selected regions of Tavush and Lori, particularly in the study of ancient historical monuments. As a result of the study, they have created five publications: two about the historical monuments of Jiliza and Voskepar communities, two touristic maps/guide for the Lori and Tavush region’s historical monuments, In the fifth booklet, he summarizes the work he’s done during the course of the SOS Culture project and his thoughts concerning these issues.


During the project’s two-year duration the local club members had been involved in a broad-range of non-formal training courses introducing them to topics like eco-tourism, intercultural communication, art history, nature protection and many others. Guided by experts the club members also explored the cultural assets in the vicinity of their communities and were introduced to their history and architecture. In their local SOS Culture Youth Clubs the young members learned to build a team and to advocate jointly for the solution of social and cultural issues. As a final result each SOS Culture Youth in Armenia created a short film addressing a problem in their community. The films can be watched online on the project website www.sosculture.eu.


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