FPWC for the Yerevan ZOO

Since 2011, FPWC works to transforming Yerevan Zoo into a hub for educational endeavors and innovative policies for Nature Conservation in Armenia

Yerevan Zoo Master Plan

Veterinary Clinic (May 2015)

Open Enclosure for Tigers (May 2015)

Open Enclosure for Bears and Wolves (May 2015)

Armenia’s 1st Inclusive Playground at the Yerevan Zoo

A tangible step towards more respect for the 8000 disabled children in Armenia

Dreamnight at the Zoo

A global network that unites zoos of the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, US, Canada, and now Armenia to once a year open its gates for chronically ill and disabled children, welcoming them as VIP guests.

Animal Adoption Programs

Everyone can have a chance to become a zoo parent for an animal. You will be able to not only support the animal in the zoo but also follow its each step from season to season.

EAZA Trainings

To increase animal welfare, Yerevan Zoo staff has undergone trainings by officers from the European Academy of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), of which Yerevan Zoo is a candidate member since 2014. Workshops include both hands-on as well as theoretical exercise that enhance animals’ daily life at the zoo.