Agricultural farms and wildlife protection systems donated to remote villages of Armenia

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, together with its partner Viva-MTS, donated electric fences to the residents of Vayots Dzor communities.

The electric fences altogether will cover about 7.5 hectares land to protect the property of the community members from the attacks of wild animals, but at the same time will not physically harm the animals as well.

Within the framework of the Eco-Village network program, the communities of Areni, Yeghegis, Zaritap, Gladzor and Yeghegnadzor have already received two systems, and the first one has been assembled in Gnishik community.

The fences operate with high voltage, but little power, meaning that wild animals will not be harmed after contact, however will also not approach the village farms anymore. Such innovative systems allow Armenian villages to live in harmony with the wildlife around them. The program will be continuous within the framework of cooperation between the partners.

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