The unique nature of Armenia: Brown Bears

The rangers of CWR continue to shot on camera interesting wildlife of Armenia. This time the brown bears appeared in front of the ranger’s camera. The freedom of wild brown bears is highly valued by the FPWC.

The Syrian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos syriacus) is listed in the Red Register of Armenia, and now is included in the IUCN Red List (ver.1.1) as “Least Concern”. According to IUCN Red Listing Standards, VU B2ab (iii, iv) it is assessed as Vulnerable. According to the data of Red book of Armenia, the species has a very large habitat (Eurasia and North America). In Armenia, they live in Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Syunik, Tavush, Lori, Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions.

The footage was recorded in Vayots Dzor region․ The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge stretches from Ararat to Vayots Dzor. Let us emphasize that many countries are deprived of the opportunity to have such a diverse flora and fauna in the wild, and Armenia is unique in this aspect, so everything possible should be done to preserve this diversity.

The CWR’s objective is the conservation of Armenia’s unique flora and fauna through the application of high technologies and contemporary management models. The pivot for biodiversity conservation in CWR is the application of international experience, skills and knowledge combined with innovative tools and newest technologies. With the new generation trap-cameras, aside from recording species and their locations, it’s made possible to capture poachers and any other illegal intruders in the area

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