Maureen Gilmant: “Discoveries, surprises and a beautiful mission”

My adventure as a volunteer was above all a desire to be useful in a field that inspires me and to do it outside of my comfort zone so abroad (just that!).

Therefore, my arrival in Armenia was punctuated by discoveries, surprises, astonishment but above all a beautiful mission. Being a volunteer at the FPWC was for me the best way to serve a cause that concerns us all.

Protecting species, raising awareness and educating about environmental issues, valorizing biodiversity: These are the values ​​that drive this NGO, and which inspired me during this six months and these innumerable projects!

Surrounded by a beautiful team of professionals and passionate about the environment I was able to meet unexpected challenges: take part in the organization of the international environmental festival, import the creations of French documentaries in the film festival, organize an exhibition about sustainable development, managing public and political relations with various French institutions, trying to promote an eco-tourism project, representing the project during the Franco-Armenian Assises, and discussing the issue face to face with politicians! And sometimes, for a few days, become rangers within the magnificent reserve of Urts’adzor.

I thank fate for bringing me to discover the beautiful country of Armenia and I thank thousand times FPWC for having inspired me and welcomed me for this volunteering more than enriching and rewarding.”

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