Bring the Forest Home with You with the Living Christmas Tree

A real Christmas tree from the forest makes everyone’s New Year extra special.  But how much life does a tree that has been cut off from its core has left, when in a few weeks’ time it will turn brown and join the others who have been thrown outside. What if you could have a tree in your living room that came with its own forest?

The Yerevan Zoo has come to the rescue! Now, through the initiative of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, a potted Christmas Tree, with its roots in the soil, can be rented or purchased from the zoo and delivered right to your home!

Every year during the holiday season, as we celebrate and decorate, our forests become unimaginably empty due to thousands of trees being cut off. Many forests in Armenia have disappeared in the last decades from illegal chopping of trees. This year, you can contribute to a healthier environment for Armenia by choosing to decorate your house with a living Christmas Tree, which can be replanted in your back yard, or given as a donation to your nearby school after the holidays.

You can visit the Yerevan Zoo and choose your very own tree. All proceeds from this project will go towards animal care at the zoo.

Rent price: 30,000 AMD
Purchase price: 35,000 AMD
Free Delivery to all homes in Yerevan!!!

Along with your tree you will receive an information leaflet on how to take care of the tree. The rented trees will be picked up after January 15th, 2015.

For additional information please call 093-689-883 or 010- 562-362, email or visit Yerevan Zoo at Myasnikyan St.20.

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