Bringing Water to every house in Tigranashen

In September 22, 2018 20 volunteers from HSBC Bank Armenia visited Tigranashen community, met the local people to learn about their concerns over the current water supply issues (water quality, limited hours of water, etc.). It was followed by the riverbed clean-up of Vedi river and placing the sings to prevent the water stream from being trashed by people. 10 volunteers from local community joined us to clean-up the riverbed. Two areas were cleaned by volunteers.

At the end of the day volunteers visited Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, where “Ecovillage Design Cards: Playing with sustainability” Workshop took place. During the workshop HSBC volunteers learned about ecovillages and identified identifying strong and weak points of HSBC as a community, in the context of sustainability.

The volunteering action was organized within the framework of “Bringing Water to every house in Tigranashen” project financed by HSBC Water Programme. The project aims to establish a water supply network in Tigranashen, making sure that each house has access to clean water. The project is financed by HSBC and is being implementing by Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).

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