Bringing Water to Lukashin Community

For many decades, the lack of drinking water has been one of the central problems for the inhabitantsLukashin-FPWC Lukashin village in Armavir region. Some parts of the village had no drinking water at all, and most parts had a 2-hour water supply schedule.

This past spring, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), together with and VivaCell-MTS  and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), began a project to increase the efficiency of water supply networks and provide basic household conveniences in 4 communities of Armenia. One of these communities was Lukashin, where the water supply network project is currently in the process of realization.

Besides the 4,2 km-long water main, the length of the internal water supply network built in the village will be 12,2 km. A water metering system and modern water metering manholes will be installed in the near future, which will enhance the water economy.

The implemented renovation works will improve the water supply schedule (from 2 hours per day to 24 hours), increase drinking water safety, reduce the number of breakages in the network, and contribute to water and energy savings. The new infrastructure will alleviate one of Lukashin community’s foremost challenges.

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