• HSBC water57

    Tigranashen community is provided with 24-hour water supply

      In March 16, 2019 took place an opening ceremony of Water supply network installation in Tigranashen community, Ararat region. The project was implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets with the support of HSBC Bank Armenia within the framework of HSBC Water programme. As a result, every house in […]

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  • hsbc less73

    Volunteers form HSBC Bank Armenia conduct trainings on Water conservation and awareness in P.Sevak school

    </br> In February 23,24, 2019, two groups of volunteers from HSBC Bank Armenia conducted trainings about Water conservation in P.Sevak community school. First training was conducted for children from elementary school. It was very encouraging to see how interested were pupils. They learnt about importance of water in their life, problems we all can face […]

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  • Buro flood46

    Before the Flood

    From Academy Award-winning actor, environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens, the movie Before the Flood was screened in February at LOFT Center, BŪRO Networking Space, and AEON Anti-Café in Yerevan – four times in each place with free entry. The movie thoroughly presents climactic changes now […]

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  • hcbsw

    Volunteers form HSBC Bank Armenia will conduct trainings on Water conservation and awareness for community members from Tigranashen and P.Sevak

    In February 16, 2019 15 volunteers from HSBC Bank Armenia took part in training session about Water conservation, which will be followed by Eco Club trainings, where volunteers will conduct trainings about Water conservation awareness in Tigranashen and P.Sevak communities. Training for volunteers was conducted by water specialist Lianna Margaryan. Volunteers learned about importance of […]

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  • EU-WV24

    The perspectives of promoting historical, archaeological, cultural, eco and gastro-tourism development in Vayots Dzor community cluster

    On December 14th, a round table titled “The perspectives of promoting historical, archaeological, cultural, eco and gastro-tourism development in Vayots Dzor community cluster “was organized in Silk Road hotel with active participation of community members of the region. The aim of the workshop was to raise the awareness of public, as well as the private […]

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  • 9

    Tree plantings in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik

    In order to plant trees and practically apply their skills, the children from Khndzorut, Agarakadzor, and Chambarak area participated in planting ash-trees, apple-trees, pear-trees, and various bushes in the scope of eco-clubs. As a result, 195 trees were planted in Chambarak area, 55 trees in Khndzorut and 65 trees in Agharakadzor communities. Through this program, […]

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  • 155445

    Festival-Fair “Snowy Fairytale”

    Dear Fellows, we invite you to take part in a festival-fair “Snowy Fairytale”, which will be held on December 22-23, 2018 in the city park of Chambarak. The event is organized by World Vision Armenia together with Chambarak municipality. It will be held within the framework of “EU for Tourism: Community-Based Rural Tourism and Cultural […]

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  • 1

    Networking and capacity building for Community Business Council

    A meeting was held in Yeghegis community in Vayots Dzor to build the capacity of the Community Business Council and to establish cooperation with organizations operating in the tourism sector. The meeting was held with people from Agarakadzor, Khndzorut, and Nor Aznaberd communities. During the meeting, Anna Avagyan, the director of “Arevakar Travel” tour agency […]

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  • 6

    Freedom at last for the bus stop bears

    We are delighted to report that, after huge amounts of hard work and thanks to the incredible fighting spirit of our team and YOUR donations, the two bus stop bears are finally rescued and safe in our care. We will never forget the horrifying conditions that these bears were being kept in. We will be […]

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  • 1

    Business Trainings for Stakeholders of Tourism Value Chain in Vayots Dzor

    In November, three-day trainings on “Business Planning and Financial Management” as well as three-day trainings on “Hospitality Management and Marketing” were held in the village of Khndzorut, Vayots Dzor marz.  The trainings aimed to assist in strengthening the tourism value chain as well as adding value in the chain. Overall, 32 individuals form Khndzorut, Agarakadzor, […]

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