Caucasian leopard on the reverse side of “Year of the Caucasian Leopard” silver coin


The photo of the Caucasian leopard, captured by trap cameras of Caucasus Wildlife Refuge was chosen by the Ministry of Environment and Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia as the reverse side of “Year of the Caucasian Leopard” silver coin released by CB of RA. This photo was captured in January Y2019 in Vayots Dzor region.

The CWR is protected by FPWC since Y2011. The outcome of hard work and dedication is the return of Caucasian leopard in Vayots Dzor region.  This showcases once again the effectiveness of privately protected areas established in hotspots of biodiversities.

The subspecies is listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (ver. 3.1) as “Endangered EN C2a (i),” and the species is “Near Threatened” category. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Critical Criteria CR C2a (i); D.

According to the Red Book of Armenia, it inhabits the Southern and Southwestern parts of Armenia, from the Central and Eastern parts of the Khosrov Forest Reserve to the Armenian-Iranian border, in the Geghama, Zangezur, Vayots Dzor, Bargushat, and Meghri mountain ranges.

It is very important for the Caucasian Leopard the availability of difficult-to-reach cliffs that allow the Leopard to hide and suddenly emerge, while hunting Bezoar goats.

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