Unknown to science new species of moth discovered in Armenia, CWR

During spring months of 2020, FPWC has hosted a group of biologists from  Deutschland, Institute for Ecosystem Research, that have been conducting their research in CWR, Urtsadzor’s site, located in Ararat region. The main focus of interest for the scientists was the diverse fauna of invertebrates: moths and other insects, that are found in abundance in CWR area.

During their field trips, the scientists have implemented their research through scientific methods and have found a moth species, which was not known to inhabit Armenia before. The scientific article on the on this valuable finding was published recently.

Initially the state of preservation of this specimen showed that it generally corresponded with external appearance of D. kondarella and D. gaalhaszlerae, however further differential diagnosis of organs, as well as DNA – barcoding showed this was a specimen unknown to science before.

One female was collected in year 2019 in Armenia. The moth has been collected end of May, from Armenia, Ararat Province, Vedi river valley, Urtsadzor, light trapped near CWR Eco Lodge, 1250m a s.l. by scientists H. Roweck & N.Savenkov.

Depressaria urtsadzorensis – is the name given to the specimen that is derived from Urtsadzor, a village in Armenia, Ararat Province, Vedi river valley, where the type specimen was found. It is located in an area recognized as Prime Butterfly Area, so the choice of this name intends to underline its importance for biodiversity research and protection.

FPWC congratulates its partner – scientists on this magnificent finding and will continue its partnership with all interested scientists & institutions  further remaining faithful to its mission and values.

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