Flower Gathering at Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex

Flower gathering

Each year, following the days after April 24th, hundreds of thousands of flowers placed at the Genocide Memorial were transported to trash cans and burned.  Since 2010, on the initiative of FPWC, these flowers are gathered and their stems are removed from the petals – compost is derived from the stems and the petals are used to make handmade recycled paper. The compost is used to cultivate the soil in the Genocide Memorial, while the recycled papers are donated to the Genocide Museum to be used for memorandums, thank you letters, and mail.

This event brings together two important ideas – the transformation of the flowers into silent messengers by giving them “second life”, and the environmental concept that promotes recycling.

Traditionally, the participants of the “Flower Gathering” include representatives from public, international, private, and state sectors, as well as volunteers, schoolchildren, and university students.

This year, on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, the event will consist of two days due to an expected rise in the number of visitors who will place huge amounts of flowers next to the eternal flame.

If you would like to participate in this event, please call 010 555 209 or sent an email to info@fpwc.org.