FPWC, “ArAves” NGO and “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex signed Memorandum of Understanding

On October 28, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and ArAves NGO.

The signing of the trilateral memorandum envisages deepening the cooperation between the structures. As the Memorandum states, the Memorandum sides implement environmental, wildlife conservation and related issues within their capacities, functions, capabilities and regulated professional management, also raising activities among youth.

FPWC, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and ArAves NGO will collaborate, in particular, through environmental education programs, trainings, film screenings and workshops, as well as visits to the Wildlife Rescue Center, wildlife conservation and environmental issues seminars and lectures, ahead of the 80th anniversary of Yerevan Zoo, 10th SunChild Film Festival, 2020.

After the event the schoolchildren and teenagers were given the opportunity to get answers to their questions.

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