FPWC Clarifies

On March 10, around 8:30 pm. Artyom Avetisyan from Ararat marz Aralez village, with a group of friends in a state of alcohol intoxication has illegally accessed the territory of the FPWC privately protected area of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR).

A. Avetisyan then got over the fence around the locked cages of the lions and tried to “pet” the lion in the result of which he has received arm and shoulder injuries. He was taken to the hospital where he is still kept.

In response to some libellous statements and distorted facts published in certain media sources and social networks, we would like to inform that he CWR is a private property of the FPWC. There are several signs warning against the illegal entrance into the territory of the Refuge placed around the borderline of the Refuge.

We would like to inform also, that in accordance with the existing safety regulations, the cages with the lions are surrounded by a fence with signs prohibiting the entry and placed three meters away from the cages.

Please note, that the above-mentioned citizens have accessed the territory illegally which is liable to prosecution.

Through the efforts of the FPWC and with the support of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and World Veterinary Service in February of the current year the lions were transported to the CWR quarantine center. After the quarantine period and preparation of all necessary documents the lions will be transported to Peak Wildlife Park Refuge, in the UK.

Currently, activities aimed at establishment of the Wildlife Rescue Centre in the CWR are underway; the mission of the Centre declared to be ensuring professional management of incidents involving wild animals in Armenia.

FPWC calls on journalists to adhere to the principles of journalistic ethics and to avoid spread of misleading information.

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