“Goethe-Institut” annual camp in CWR

Recently, at the Eco Lodge in Wildlife Refuge, located in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR), we hosted a group of young environmentalists, who spent their summer camp here in our wooden cottages. Our guests from different parts of Armenia returned home with new friends.
The annual camp organized by the “Goethe-Institut” took place at CWR this year.
The peculiarity of this year’s camp was that the FPWC took completely natural approaches. Our young guests had a camp full of new knowledges and adventures: They learned about snakes, about waste management and other nuances of nature conservation, they took part in rock climbing and hiking tours. They also strengthened their knowledge of the German language and acquired other new skills. In a word, as they say, it was very interesting, educational and fun.
In the end, everyone’s impressions were summed up around the bonfire.
As a result of one of such interesting courses was created this small animated film. By the way, the rain sound was completely “created” by our campers, and the talented Gohar Sargsyan provided them with great support in making this animation film.

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