The wild bear cub kept in a house rescued

On April 16th, the RA Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body has confiscated and handed over a 3 month old bear cub to the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets for further rehabilitation.

Recently, a few photos of a bear cub was spread in social media channels showing chained bear cub taken for a walk in the streets of Gyumri, Armenia’s second biggest town. It was supposed further that the bear was apparently taken from the wild, the case of which the Environmental Inspectorate started investigating immediately. A day after photos were spread, the factual “owner” of the cub was forced to bring the bear to the Inspectorate and hand her for further  specialized care. At the moment the legal investigation is ongoing, more details on the story  of the cub will be announced soon.

At the moment the bear cub is taken to the Quarantine center of the Yerevan Zoo where she will undergo the respective veterinary examinations and receive all necessary medical treatments. The bear cub is a female, wild born and approximately 3 months old, and the experts will discuss the possibility of releasing her back to the nature after rehabilitation stage and based on her health status.

This rescue was possible within the Great Bear Rescue Campaign implemented together with International Animal Rescue since 2017.

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