Handmade paper, herbarium and bio humus: new lease of life to the bowed flowers

For the first time in six years, a part of the flowers, which were brought to the Armenian Genocide Memorial on April 24, formed herbariums. The bowed flowers will be dried, entirely preserving their color complexion and the look.

For decades the flowers, which were laid to the Armenian Genocide Memorial on April 24, were afterwards moved to the trash bins. The idea of the Flower Gathering is to dedicate a new lease of life to these special flowers. This concept was so consistent to the expectations of tens of thousands people, that in a short period of time this initiative became a normal continuation of April 24 commemoration events. The number of the volunteers, who join this initiative, is growing every year. Since 2010 the Flower Gathering has been supported by the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and the FPWC’s General Partner VivaCell-MTS.

Being recycled, the flowers, laid at the Genocide Memorial, get a new lease of life: first they are gathered and their stems are removed from the petals, the petals are dried and are used for making handmade recycled paper. The stems are used to make bio humus. This year Yerevan Botanical Garden and ORWACO CJSC Armenian-Norwegian joint venture will help in getting bio humus from the stems. The handmade recycled paper will be used to make memorandums, certificates or postcards.

Along with the thousands of volunteers, the Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Khachik Hakobyan, the Ambassador of Germany to Armenia Matthias Kiesler, the Ambassador of Poland to Armenia Jerzy Marek Nowakowski and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Armenia Ivan Volynkin have joined the initiative this year.

The AGBU Scout Yerevan representatives also joined the core team of this event. After the petals drying process, they will also participate in paper recycling activities.

We thank all the participants and supporters of the event and appreciate their input into this initiative.

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