The hippotherapy program is renewed

The hippotherapy course, intended for people with disabilities, was renewed at the hippodrome of Yerevan Zoo.

Since October dozens of children with disabilities have an opportunity to ride horses in the hippodrome of the Yerevan Zoo and take part in special trainings three days a week for free, and the other days they can feed and take care of the horses they work with. This friendship between the children and the horses started a year ago.

This initiative of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets became a reality due to the supports of its General Partner VivaCell-MTS.

The hippotherapy is a variety of therapeutic physical trainings, a form of rehabilitation, which is carried on through the contact with horses and horse-riding. During the last decades the equine-assisted therapy has been recognised as the world’s most efficient mean of rehabilitation of people with various disabilities, especially among children.

The hippotherapy continues the series of multi-component events implemented by the FPWC – VivaCell-MTSYerevan Municipality tripartite partnership. And its main mission is to integrate children with disabilities and to promote the process of their rehabilitation.

More than eighty children have registered for participation in this program. Most of them will have an opportunity to make friends with the horses of the Yerevan Zoo during this year.

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