Volunteers form HSBC Bank Armenia will conduct trainings on Water conservation and awareness for community members from Tigranashen and P.Sevak

In February 16, 2019 15 volunteers from HSBC Bank Armenia took part in training session about Water conservation, which will be followed by Eco Club trainings, where volunteers will conduct trainings about Water conservation awareness in Tigranashen and P.Sevak communities.

Training for volunteers was conducted by water specialist Lianna Margaryan. Volunteers learned about importance of water in our life, problems we can face in future because of water scarcity, what is water footprint and how one can decrease water usage in a daily life. In the end of training volunteers played Aqua game: group game on water resource management.

The volunteering action was organized within the framework of “Bringing Water to every house in Tigranashen” project financed by HSBC Water Programme. The project aims to establish a water supply network in Tigranashen, making sure that each house has access to clean water. The project is financed by HSBC and is being implementing by Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).

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