Let’s Talk Paper: FPWC kicks off AGBU Green Talks

Eat, Sleep, Recycle; Recycle today for a better tomorrow; these and a dozen of other slogans laced the FPWC’s Let’s Talk Paper workshop which marked the start of the Green Talks series initiated by the AGBU.
Paper saving, recycling and reuse: the FPWC team talked about the creative ways of implementation of all these tips in our everyday life with around 100 participants from various organizations.
The statistical data on key environmental problems, the growing trend of using recycled paper all over the world and its occurrence in Armenia were discussed.
The handmade flower-recycled paper made by FPWC was presented in a form of a small workshop-expo. The flowers laid every year at the Genocide Memorial serve as a raw material for the paper with the exclusive texture. These flowers are gathered with care several days following April 24th by thousands of volunteers during the Flower Gathering campaign organized by the Foundation.
FPWC also introduced its Green Office initiative, encouraging the audience to join the efforts on promotion of paper recycling and use of recycled paper in Armenia through practical measures, such as using less office paper, replacing the plain office paper with recycled paper, not disposing the waste paper but collecting and delivering it to the Green Office for recycling.

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