Animal Inventory at RA MP Manvel Grigoryan’s private house

On June 18th, as an immediate response to the recent case of holding wild animals in captivity at Armenia’s military general Manvel Grigoryan’s private house  (tigers, lions, bears and others), the  FPWC along with Yerevan Zoo staff was heading to city Edjmiatsin to assess the situation and based on obtained data – confiscate the animals .

The following animals were identified at RA MP in Grigoryan’s private house:

  • 5 brown bears,
  • 1 tiger (subspecies tbc)
  • 8 imbred goats,
  • 1 deer,
  •  more than 15 ostridges
  • 2 peacocks and other domestic birds.

1 tiger was rescued and transferred to the Yerevan Zoo quarantine station.
More updates about the animals will follow shortly!

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