Modern Zoology: FPWC Hosts International Partner

In an attempt to broaden networks and increase zoological and conservation standards through innovative technologies, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) has invited to Armenia a representative from the International Species Information System (ISIS). From Nov. 20th to 22nd, the ISIS EARAZA Regional Coordinator, Alex Kantorovich, will conduct trainings for the Yerevan zoo staff on the zoological information management system (ZIMS) software. Yerevan zoo joined the ISIS community in September 2014 and currently possesses the ZIMS software, which provides the Yerevan Zoo with global, real-time, and reliable data for enhancing animal care, protecting population health, and supporting international conservation efforts. The database helps the zoo manage its inventory, identify institutions for animal transfers, and control the genetic and demographic makeup of its animal collections. This unique seminar will be also attended by guests from Kazakhstan (Alma Ati Zoo), Russia (Voronej Oceanarium) and Georgia (Tbilisi Zoo), who wish to also join the global animal management and conservation efforts.

Founded in 1974, ISIS provides the world’s most current, comprehensive and reliable information on intensively managed species and their environments for zoos and aquariums to serve institutional, regional, and global animal conservation goals. The world-standard zoological data collection provided by ISIS contains information on 2.6 million animals, and is shared among more than 800 member zoos and aquariums in almost 80 countries. ISIS membership is one of the preconditions to gain the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) membership. Through the EAZA membership, the Yerevan Zoo will broaden its efforts towards education, research, and conservation.

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