New projects in Artsakh Republic funded by international conservation organizations

Artsakh Nature Fund was established in 2018 with the aim to preserve the rich biodiversity of the Republic. The projects of the Foundation will be funded through international capital and the projects will be aimed at preservation of Artsakh’s diverse flora & fauna and securing wildlife migration corridors in line with development of communities

Artsakh is an important centre for the wild species of many important cultivated plants including wild pears and other fruits as well as cereals such as wheat and barley. Many of these are endangered, and protecting them in nature reserves is a priority.

Within the frames of the Fund’s projects in the coming 20 years a number of activities are being planned to implement, such as biodiversity monitoring, awareness raising campaigns, purchase of required technical means to fight against poaching and negative impact on nature, preserve the existing natural and cultural assets of Artsakh and the region. The Fund also aims to develop the communities by applying innovative technologies, installation of renewable energy efficient systems and by creating vast opportunities for self-employment and sustainable economic growth

In addition it is planned to create a privately protected area in biodiversity hotspots of Artsakh ensuring the safety and continuity of a migration corridor between Armenia, Artsakh and Iran.

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