New year at the Wildlife Rescue Center

The year was difficult for everyone, but we provided such a Christmas mood for the bears under our care at the Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC). We always take care of bears rescued from different private places of Armenia and the holidays are no exception. Many thanks to our partner

International Animal Rescue (IAR) for being our faithful supporter.
The Great bear rescue project in Armenia is implemented in partnership with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and the International Animal Rescue (IAR). More than a dozen bears rescued from unfavorable conditions in different private areas of Armenia have received shelter at the Wildlife Rescue Center.
In the Wildlife Rescue & Reabilitation Center our bear keepers provide much interesting stuff to do and make their day full of joy. The daily life of bears is full of various means of employment, as well as delicious and useful food.

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