• DSCN8001

    CWR to become a contemporary art platform

      From 16 to 17 February the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) Eco-Center hosted contemporary artists, as a start of interest-based partnership between the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and the Inknagir Literary Club. The two organizations have joined their forces to organize Talking Tree Project together at the CWR. The […]

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  • 12670846_1004097922961215_8607593634984390789_n

    Gyumri Zoo lions’ rescue to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

    On February 10, 2016 the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) in collaboration with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) have organized the rescue of the Gyumri Zoo lioness Mary and her cubs Zita and Geeta to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, a privately protected area managed by the FPWC. No matter the […]

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  • o-TREE-PLANTING-facebook

    Modern technologies in arboriculture

    Afforestation and reforestation projects are very important for the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) because of their main aim to maintain floristic biodiversity and provide wildlife with food sources, habitat or refuge, etc. During these projects CWR regular tree planting activities have been organized whereby modern technologies. Accordingly, it is expected to develop an afforestation unique […]

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  • 14894502_10207242736576629_1898244171_o

    Diversity grows as monitoring continues.

    Wildcat detected in CWR Our permanent check-up’s of videos recorded by trap cameras in CWR area are always exciting-you never know which animal will be caught in the view! The newest generation of the video and photo recording trap cameras enhanced to receive a photo of highly elusive, rarely detectable and endangered Wildcat-Felis silvestris, first […]

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  • Badger by the ancient oak

    The Badger

    These camera trap footages have been taken in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and although we knew there are badgers out there, this was the first series of videos outlining the natural behavior of badgers in the territory. This cute badger prepares for winter sleep, cleans his sett and fills his nesting chamber with bedding. Upon […]

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  • phelypaea-tournefortii_20867520965_o

    Flower mood at CWR

    Ever wondered about the plant life of your region? FPWC compiled a photocollage illustrating the picturesque beauty of CWR’s flora to get you Spring mood at the edge of Autumn! Photocredit: Barbara Siebert

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  • Tractor

    Restoration of deforested, degraded areas through tree plantings supported by hydrogel

    Towards protecting biodiversity and to develop rural communities FPWC initiated a pilot project to restore several plots of highly degraded woodlands in the territory of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. Reforestation activities in most of the affected areas have are essential in terms of ecosystem services provided by forest. Besides creating favorable conditions for local plant species […]

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  • rangers with new hi tech equipment

    New Generation Hi-Tech Equipment Introduced in CWR

    FPWC and VivaCell-MTS took part in the testing-presentation of the remote monitoring modern equipment for biodiversity survey in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Urtsadzor community, Ararat marz. Тhe protected area in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge has expanded from 2000 hectares to 4000 hectares in 2015. New generation facilities have been acquired for the rangers’ technical […]

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  • Chkalov village

    22 km-long pipelines constructed in Chkalov

    VivaCell-MTS together with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) marked the completion of just another project of the water supply improvement initiative, jointly implemented in rural communities of Armenia. ՙՙՙՙՙ The water supply network project in Chkalov village included the construction of 22 km-long pipeline. The absence of potable water […]

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  • Ralph Yirikian

    USAID, VIVACELL-MTS and FPWC Team up to improve water availability within Lukashin Village

      LUKASHIN, ARMAVIR – On July 24th, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), VivaCell-MTS, and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) joined the residents of Lukashin village at a community event dedicated to the water supply improvement project which was recently completed in the village. Before the project was completed, […]

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