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    Agricultural farms and wildlife protection systems donated to remote villages of Armenia

    The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, together with its partner Viva-MTS, donated electric fences to the residents of Vayots Dzor communities. The electric fences altogether will cover about 7.5 hectares land to protect the property of the community members from the attacks of wild animals, but at the same time will […]

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  • asht1

    The bears kept in cages at Ashtaraki Dzor restaurant rescued after coronavirus forced the business to close

    On May 4, 2020, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, with the support of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and RA Police rescued three caged bears kept at restaurant facilities since year 2000. The senior staff at Ashtaraki Dzor restaurant were collaborative and under the new light […]

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  • Tree Planting Project 2020.mp4_snapshot_01.19_[2020.02.19_12.08.58]

    From seeds to healthy plants: Forest Landscape Restoration by FPWC

    The FPWC is implementing a community-based reforestation project introducing new technology for Armenia that allows the cultivation of the tree species that are hard or impossible to grow through the bare root method commonly used in Armenia. Along with the reforestation as an action towards climate change, forests and trees support food security and nutrition […]

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  • ranger.eng sub.logos.mp4_snapshot_10.29_[2020.01.17_12.31.20]

    Say No to Poaching!

    Here we go with our next film prepared by Sunchild eco-club children! All the films released and made by our eco-club children focus on a certain environmental issue they identify and come up with a solution after their intensive course on environmental issues in Armenia In all their films they call for action and make […]

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  • heritage of communities1

    The cultural heritage of communities. Experiences & perspectives

    On December 23, a round table discussion was held in Urtsadzor village of Ararat region with the participation of representatives of the RA NAS Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Areni-1 Cave Scientific Research Foundation and community members. The discussion was aimed at the issues of conserving […]

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  • tiuroperators1

    Visiting Vayots Dzor to reveal the tourism potential

    On November 28 and 29th, around 35 members of the Armenian Tourism Federation visited Vayots Dzor region to get acquainted with the touristic products & services offered in the region. The participants had a tour  in the area, got acquainted with  local eco – tourism opportunities, newly created tourism products & services as well as […]

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  • FPWC new text.mp4_snapshot_03.17_[2019.12.12_15.03.04]

    The new film by FPWC eco – club released successfully

    We are thrilled to state that the children of our eco-club from Agarakadzor village (Vayots Dzor region) have already completed the editing works of their first film and now it’s ready for broadcast! They have worked indeed hard with a team of operators, film directors & editors to come up with a problem statement existing […]

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  • Hrach Clave-Wood.mp4_snapshot_00.57_[2019.12.09_14.51.46]

    The Master of Agarakadzor village

    Hrach Manukyan is a talented craftsman from Agarakadzor, engaged in pottery, woodworking and ironwork. He currently runs his own small workshop located on the hilltop of the village. The source of Hrach’s inspiration is the scenery of his native village, the flora & fauna of the area, protected by Hrach and his co- villagers. Coached […]

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  • bike route4

    New biking route ready for cyclers

    Within the logic of promoting environmentally friendly tourism in rural areas rich in biodiversity, the FPWC has set a partnership with Velo Club, local organization promoting involvement of youth in rural projects, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle by reducing carbon footprint. As a result of cooperation, a 20 km route in Khndzorut village was […]

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  • Monica Backery.mp4_snapshot_00.19_[2019.12.05_15.53.38]

    The new business model at a bordering Khndzorut village

    Khndzorut community is one of the small villages of Zaritap settlement, bordering Nakhichevan with a maximum of 500 inhabitants. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and under such circumstances, the idea of Monica to open a bakery-café in her small village was bold & challenging, yet never impossible In a few […]

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