Over 6000 trees were planted in the memory of soldiers Armenians lost during the Artsakh war

Nowadays, when the country faces one of its hardest times, it’s of most importance to continue working for the sake of a brighter future for Armenia and the whole world. The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) continues to pursue its main goal of conserving nature, and despite all the challenges organized the tree planting in the memory of the fallen soldiers of the Artsakh war.

During this period more than 6000 trees were planted in Vayots Dzor and Ararat regions. Wild fruit tree species, such as wild almonds, wild pears, and oleaster were planted in Urtsadzor and Mozrov settlements, and Leopard’s Canyon. Trees are grown with the special technique called Target Plant Concept, which allows adjusting the tree species to the area where they will be planted, thus ensuring unprecedented survival rates.

During next year the FPWC plans to plant 20,000 trees. The types of trees to be planted will be also expanded: Hawthorn and apple will be added to the already planted species. In Y2021, it is planned to implement also an innovative idea by launching a juniper cultivation experimental  program.

The FPWC is implementing a community-based reforestation project introducing new technology for Armenia that allows the cultivation of the tree species that are hard or impossible to grow through the bare root method commonly used in Armenia. Along with the reforestation as an action towards climate change, forests and trees support food security and nutrition for wildlife, thus the actions taken will help to resolve the human-wildlife conflict, providing the wildlife a proper source for nutrition.

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