Photography Masterclass within “Sunchild” 8th International Environmental Film Festival

Presenter: Mr. Roger Allen, United Kingdom, The British Press Photographer of the Year 95

The FPWC is calling for photographers, photojournalists, media experts and other creative people interested in the Master class with British photographer Roger Allen, known worldwide for his breathtaking photographs capturing life in all its forms

One story led him to Armenia, the abandonment of the Gyumri Zoo animals. After the publication of their story enough money was raised to secure their release and rehabilitation.

This one story set in train a whole lot of bear rescue stories with animal charity International Animal Rescue and Ruben Khachatryan, FPWC’s founder. It also forged a great love of Armenia.


Roger Allen is one of the dying breed of Fleet Street photographers who has travelled the world taking pictures of royalty, prime ministers, celebrities, war zones, tragedies and bank robberies

Roger Allen has been a photographer for 44 years. He started taking pictures of life around where he lived, with the darkroom to process and print them, and soon other photographers realised he had a good eye and talent.

He began to travel on assignments abroad and worked on major events in the UK, after a year at Today he was offered a job on The Daily Mirror  – one of the biggest newspapers in Europe with a circulation 4.5 million a day.

His main passion now his highlighting the plight of animals around the world with animal welfare stories mainly for the Daily Mail and Mail-on-line.

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