Planted trees in Tigranashen and Gnishik communities

The FPWC tree planting project since 2016 have already provided good results. In this photos are the wild seedlings planted in Ararat and Vayots Dzor regions. The trees have well adapted due to the high stickiness of the method we use. The FPWC team is hopeful that this trees will soon will become into edible forests – to help overcome the conflict between human and wildlife.

In this photos you can see the trees planted in the territory of Tigranashen community in Y2020, as well as in Gnishik community in Y2019-2020. The Foundation’s specialists grow 4 types of wild trees from wild seeds: wild pear, wild apple, wild almond, wild oleaster. They will become into wild edible forests. These forests will be “fed” for the wild animals of the area. This year the FPWC team plans to plant more 10 000 trees in the wild.

The TPC provides a framework for defining, producing, and handling native plant seedlings based on morphological and physiological characteristics suited to particular planting environments. By selecting seed from local plant populations and carefully culturing seedlings in the nursery, seedlings are adapted to where they are planted and, coupled with the other attributes of plant quality that are emphasized, survival is exceptionally high.

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