Restoration of deforested, degraded areas through tree plantings supported by hydrogel

Towards protecting biodiversity and to develop rural communities FPWC initiated a pilot project to restore several plots of highly degraded woodlands in the territory of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. Reforestation activities in most of the affected areas have are essential in terms of ecosystem services provided by forest.

Besides creating favorable conditions for local plant species reproduction, it will become a habitat, migration route and a source of food for the wildlife (birds, mammals etc).  The plantations should predict the soil layer from further depletion and loss, serve for water storage.

It should create a big advantage for beekeeping, as an important pillar of income for local population.

The proposed project aims to test a new approach of realization of large-scale tree plantings to improve their sustainability, cost efficiency and to have long-term effect. An innovative technology of applying hydrogel considers a unique combination of over 20 hydroabsorbants, enhancing and nutritive components significantly improving soil quality characteristics and water retention functions, crucial for plant growth in drought conditions.

This experience should demonstrate the perspective of hydrogel usage as alternative to traditional notions and possibility to invest developed technology in other regions of Armenia and beyond.

The project is being realized by financial support of ENVIRON Foundation.

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