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The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets calls for Design Proposals for its 12th SunChild International Environmental Festival.
The SunChild 12th International Environmental Festival will take place from the 13th to the 18th of October 2023, screening over 40 newest best environmental films from all around the world. On a planet that faces complex issues that threaten to tear us apart, we hope to provide a platform to find the connection to sustain life․ SunChild IEF is a celebration of nature, creating space for people to come together, learn and create solutions.

About the Festival

SunChild International Environmental Festival, established by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), is the first and the only environmental festival in the South Caucasus region. More than 780 films from 150 countries of the world were screened over the last 15 years of existence. The film festival includes various activities such as carnival marches, dozens of workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. Besides being rich in content, all events are eye-catching due to their colorful and unique approaches. The festival travels in the regions of Armenia throughout the whole year, involving a large number of children and youth, facilitating identification and creative solutions to community environmental issues by organizing thematic film screenings, discussions, and other initiatives, and encouraging and supporting taking action locally. The festival aims to bring nature, wildlife, and the environment into the focus of public attention and increase knowledge about issues among citizens and especially among children and youth.

Theme: Biodiversity: The Fabric of Life

Each year SunChild IEF highlights different environmental topics to raise awareness and become a platform for discussion. For the 12th edition of the festival, we chose Biodiversity Conservation as a central theme, and all our events will any way or another unveil the complex nature of biodiversity conservation challenges in Armenia, the South Caucasus Region, and the world. Biodiversity is the rich tapestry of life on Earth, a canvas of diverse forms and colors. Conserving it is crucial for maintaining the balance and stability of our ecosystems. But this tapestry is under threat by habitat destruction, pollution, over-exploitation, and climate change. Our responsibility is to protect vulnerable species, and habitats, and implement sustainable practices. By raising awareness, we can ensure this tapestry remains vibrant for future generations.

12th SunChild IEF will combine dozens of events, portrayed below:


Phase 1
The applicants must send:

  • The main design concept based on the thematics of the festival and its structure. We are open to new ideas and innovative solutions, as long as they fit into the environmental concept of the festival. A unique vision and artistic approach will be much appreciated.
  • Price quotation for the complete package described below (in “Phase 2″ paragraph).
  • Portfolio and CV.

Phase 2
If your design concept is accepted, it should be adapted to the following:

  1. Creation of the Design Concept for the SunChild IEF, which will be flexible enough for all events mentioned above. The Design Concept should depict the festival’s theme – biodiversity conservation. Adaptation of the Design Concept for the SunChild IEF Website visuals.
  2. Development of the general style for the SMM posts.
  3. Creation of posters for all the social media platforms․
  4. Festival Posters to be disseminated in the city (three different designs within the same concept).
  5. Invitation cards for the opening and closing events of the festival, and separately for different film screenings and events.
  6. Agenda (both online and printed versions) which will include film screening schedule and events.
  7. Festival Catalog.
  8. Badges for the press, invited members, and staff.
  9. Outdoor advertisement banners.
  10. Design of Branded Set (tote bags, notebooks, etc.)

Send your application to mentioning “SunChild IEF Design” in the subject line.
The deadline for the applications is the 31th of March.

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