The consistent of new generation as a community development guarantee

The questions arisen by Sunchildren are solved 

A few days ago, on 8th of July, our eco-club Sunchildren of Zaritap amalgamated community in Khndzorut village to understand in which situation the garden which was planted by them is.  And they noticed that the part of the garden needs to be irrigated․ Also, some part of the fence was destroyed.

As a result of the willful persistence of the children, the fence was restored in the park, and the children themselves irrigated the entire park, and the sign was posted. Our #SunChildren in the community council were informed that soon after the reinforcement of the columns, the necessary construction material and pipe would be provided from the municipality of Zaritap to ensure that the park is irrigated when needed.

The consistency of Eco-club students is the most important guarantee of community development that many communities need today.

We are convinced that a stable future is in the hands of the new generation.

The program is implemented in the framework of “EU for Tourism: Community-Based Rural Tourism and Cultural Events in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor Marzes” in cooperation with World Vision Armenia and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets. And they found that the part of the garden needs to be irrigated․




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