Biohumus of laid flowers’ stems

The process of obtaining biohumus, which is made of the flowers’ stems, laid to the Armenian Genocide Memorial on April 24, is almost completed.

A part of the flowers, laid to the Armenian Genocide Memorial this year, is collected for a full herbarium, and the stems are being used to make a biogenic fertilizer. The petals are also in phase of drying. They will be used for making handmade recycled paper.

Biohumus is ecologically clear, biologically active organic fertilizer, which is made of plant residual trough being processed by the earth worms and the organic waste. The mix of fertilizer will be used for the cultivation of the land in the territory of the Memorial Park. The Yerevan Botanical Garden and “Orwaco” CJSC Armenian-Norwegian joint venture will assist in the biohumus obtaining process.

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