Trees planted by us for our future. Sunchildren of Khndzorut eco-club continue to be consistent

Sunchildren of Khndzorut in Zaritap amalgamated community were in village municipality to find out in which situation is the garden which was planted by them.
Continuing to be consistent and responsive to their community, our Sunchildren first came to see the garden, the stinginess, and care of the trees and found that a part of the park fence had been rolled away, and some of the pillars came out of the soil.
Sunchildren noticed that the part of the garden needs to be irrigated․Being worried about the problem, they visited the village municipality to understand whether there was taken any action to prevent the problem or solve it.
In the municipality, ahead of the children’s concerns, the village administrator informed that the report will appeal to the municipality of Zaritap.
And with their next action, our SunChildren will consist of the answer from Zaritap for receiving solutions to the questions raised by them.

The program is implemented in the framework of “EU for Tourism: Community-Based Rural Tourism and Cultural Events in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor Marzes” in cooperation with World Vision Armenia and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets.

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