Urtsadzor Community Chooses Alternative Energy

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) will present the results and mark the completion of two of its projects, implemented together with its General Partner VivaCell-MTS within the framework of the joint Alternative Energy Project.

The first project is the installation of 70 LED street lights on one of the main streets of the village (Zoravar Andranik), 1600 meters long. The second project includes the installation of solar thermal systems for two Bed and Breakfasts, as well as the renovation of three Bed and Breakfasts. Both projects began in March 2014 and were implemented in Urtsatdzor community in Ararat Region, Armenia.

The presentation will take place in Urtsadzor on December 4 and will be attended by VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, founder of FPWC Ruben Khachatryan, and head of Urtsadzor community Raffik Andreasyan.

Both FPWC and VivaCell-MTS attach great importance to the use of modern technologies in environmental protection initiatives, which in its turn promote nature conservation, energy efficiency and community development. For the Urtsadzor Community, these projects deliver many important benefits. The environmentally friendly LED lights, which save up to 80% energy cost, will light the community streets starting from 10 pm to 1 am in the summer, from 6:30 pm to 12 am in the winter, and at all hours during special holidays. LEDs use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently; they are durable, versatile, and last much longer than regular lights.

The Bed and Breakfasts, of which there are currently three in Urtsadzor, are an important part of FPWC’s community development initiatives; they present a sustainable source of income for poor families in rural regions. The solar thermal systems installed in these Bed and Breakfasts, are an environmentally healthy and cost-effective approach for heating. The system reduces water heating costs by 100% in the summer and up to 40-50% in the winter. The Urtsadzor Community, which is an important area for nature conservation, will significantly benefit from these innovative environmental technologies.

“VivaCell-MTS greatly appreciates this initiative of FPWC. In addition to offering some innovative solutions to environmental problems, it has another important mission. This program is an excellent model for rural community development, where the villagers act as partners and have their active participation in the realization of the program. We are immensely pleased to see the enthusiasm and the energy with which the villagers have joined this initiative and want to improve their living conditions, and, what is important, to do it in an environmentally responsible way. I am sure that seeing the result of the work done and the opportunity to live decently and honestly on their own land will make people love their country more and not to think of leaving it”, commented VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

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