Urtsadzor Community Chooses Alternative Energy

For many years, the Sequence Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) has actively supported conservation projects in Urtsadzor community. On December 4, a series of community development projects were concluded in Urtsadzor within the frames of the Joint Alternative Energy Project between FPWC and VivaCell-MTS.

The recent project included the installation of 70 LED street lights on one of the main streets of the village (Zoravar Andranik – 1600 meters long). Furthermore, solar thermal systems were installed in 2 Bed and Breakfasts out of the 3 that were renovated as part of this project.

The environmentally friendly LED lights, which save up to 80% energy cost, will light the community streets for 3 hours in the summer and 5 and a half hours in the winter. The LEDs use light emitting diodes to produce light efficiently; they are durable, versatile, and last much longer than regular lights.  Moreover, the solar panels for the Bed and Breakfasts, which are an important source of income for poor families, reduce water heating costs by 100% in the summer and up to 50% in the winter.

The Urtsadzor Community will significantly benefit from these innovative and modern environmental technologies, which promote nature conservation and healthy development for their community.

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