Volunteers form HSBC Bank Armenia conduct trainings on Water conservation and awareness in P.Sevak school


In February 23,24, 2019, two groups of volunteers from HSBC Bank Armenia conducted trainings about Water conservation in P.Sevak community school.

First training was conducted for children from elementary school. It was very encouraging to see how interested were pupils. They learnt about importance of water in their life, problems we all can face in future because of water scarcity, what is water footprint or virtual water and how one can decrease water usage in a daily life. Also, they pictured a day from their life, exploring how much water they use.

Next training was for students from secondary school. They played Aqua game: group game on water resource management, trying to create a village with its sustainable water resources and lifestyle similar to their community.

The volunteering action was organized within the framework of “Bringing Water to every house in Tigranashen” project financed by HSBC Water Programme. The project aims to establish a water supply network in Tigranashen, making sure that each house has access to clean water. The project is financed by HSBC and is being implementing by Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).

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