Bear rescue operation in the village Yelpin

On August 9, a case of poaching was registered in the area of Yelpin village, Vayots Dzor region. FPWC team hurried to the Yelpin village to help the injured brown bear. Specialists arrived at the scene and found a 3-year-old female brown bear. The bear was shot. Allready 3 days FPWC team and our international partners are fighting to save the life of 3 years bear found at Vayots dzor region. The bear remained in a damaged state for a long time, without help, due to which her condition worsened. In addition, the animal was subjected to very strong stress and began to chew its own paw.
The bear have serious health condition, but the specialists continue to fight for her life, to save her. According to the initial diagnosis, the animal also has signs of concussion, which may be related to the possibility of rolling into a nearby gorge as a result of the shot.

The FPWC team would like to thank all the partners for their support.

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