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    Every year on 22nd of April the whole world is celebrating the Earth Day, which marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This day all the people around the world are united to remind once more that we need a shift to a more

  • Before_after

    Before & After: Rescued bears from Armavir

    The three brown bears in the video are Gate, Six Apples & Ivy, rescued from one of the private premises in Armenia’s Armavir region. They are happily living in the Wildlife Rescue Center for the last 2 years. Here they are provided with large outdoor area, pools, dens and receive

  • Prize

    “Environment and Conservation Award 2020” – for Great bear rescue program

    The International Animal Rescue awarded FPWC with “Environment and Conservation Award 2020” for its united efforts in rescuing brown bears and for achieving effective rehabilitation results. The award was handed to Ruben Khachatryan in 2021 due to the situation concerning Covid 19. The entire team of FPWC expresses its deep

  • arjer

    Most of the rescued bears have hibernated this year

    This year in our Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC) we have achieved an unprecedented result․ In our Center there are 19 rescued Brown bears and 16 of them fell asleep with the first snow. The other three bears, although not permanently asleep during the winter months, slept for several hours at

  • (195) Նովա․

    Nova appeared and gave hope for new expectations

    Nova is probably a female Caucasian leopard, which was caught by trap-cameras in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) last year. In the video, Nova found the exact same trap-camera and wanted to find out “what it was”. Until the autumn of last year, we all knew that there was one

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