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    Ecocide Alert In The Southern Caucasus

    Video – On Sept. 27th, a full-blown war erupted between Armenia & Azerbaijan over the region of Artsakh in the South Caucasus. This ongoing war is a major threat for the biodiversity of the region. Considered one of the world’s hotspot in terms of biodiversity, the region is home to

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    Community meeting held in Vayots Dzor against poaching

    On August 5th , by the initiative of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, Important meeting was held in Vayots Dzor administration with the participation of all stakeholders aimed at discussing poaching issues & unsustainable hunting practices in the region In particular, the residents and the

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    In the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge the new experiments continues

    This year we managed a whole field of extremely useful edible seeds – Quinoa /Chenopodium quinoa/. Quinoa is not a grass, but rather a pseudo cereal botanically related to spinach and amaranth, and originated in the Andean region of northwestern South America. It was first used to feed livestock 5.2-7.0

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    FPWC produces native plant seedlings innovative method for Armenia

    FPWC produces native plant seedlings using the Target Plant Concept (TPC) method. The TPC provides a framework for defining, producing, and handling native plant seedlings based on morphological and physiological characteristics suited to particular planting environments.  By selecting seed from local plant populations and carefully culturing seedlings in the nursery,

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    Agricultural farms and wildlife protection systems donated to remote villages of Armenia

    The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, together with its partner Viva-MTS, donated electric fences to the residents of Vayots Dzor communities. The electric fences altogether will cover about 7.5 hectares land to protect the property of the community members from the attacks of wild animals, but

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